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Full Service Video Production

Professional videography, video direction and video editing that tells your story the right way, every time.

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Aerial Videography & Stock Video

We offer aerial shooting and cinematic stock footage to bolster your production and dazzle your audience.

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Original Music Production & Sound Design

Sonic Life Media can engineer top quality sound design for any scope of production to give it the unique soundtrack it demands.

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Photography & Graphic Design

Professional full-frame photography and graphic design to compliment and promote your production.

We can also offer you

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Marketing & Social Media Production

With all marketing efforts, planning and timing are essential, in optimizing reach and ROI.
At SLM we create adjoining marketing components to strengthen the innovative productions we partner with you in creating.
Additionally we will design graphics, and small advertisements, and teasers that compliment and promote your majour production, scheduling the release of these secondary assets in a manner that creates buzz and excitement around your production.

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Social Media Strategy

The purpose of any marketing endeavour is reach. To connect and your target audience, potential customers, longstanding ones, and your community. You want them to know about the latest and greatest with your business.

At SLM, we provide audience strategy alongside our productions to maximize that reach.

Our Social Media Strategy will assess which social platforms will provide maximal reach.

These may be social media outlets that you are presently using, or they may be new avenues that may appeal to a particular business objective depending on the scope and direction of the production project, or the particular focuses of your business at a certain point in time.

Whatever the recommendation for platforms and posting schedules, our analysis and assessment is based on your business, and brand, the heart of the production itself. Allow our insights to create real results for your business!

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Brand Research & Demographics

Insight leads to good decisions!
What themes should your production play with? What type of shot sequences and colouring are appropriate and most impactful?
Can these elements relate to your brand history, past marketing efforts, future enterprise goals, or current market share?
At SLM we believe that they do. We are committed to doing the research and connecting the dots to the bigger picture in order to create tailored solutions that present your story with cohesion, integrity and direction.
Our insights allow us to understand your brand in the now. The now is where your clients are, and through our productions, we hope to carry them that extra step in the direction of your company’s future.

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